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Rules for exchanging a license issued outside the province

Rules for exchanging a license issued outside the province

Canada has an agreement to exchange a reciprocal driver's license with certain countries. If you have experience of two years or more at the wheel,
this agreement allows you to obtain a regular driver's license with all the privileges (category G) and apply for somme driver jobs when you hold a driving license from one of these countries:

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Austria,
  • Belgium,
  • France,
  • Britain,
  • Germany
  • Isle of man,
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • North Ireland
  • Republic of Ireland 
  • Swiss.

This rule also applies to holders of a driving license

  • other Canadian provinces and territories and
  • Canadian forces in Europe.

If you hold a driving license from these countries but have less than two years of driving experience,
your experience will be counted and you will automatically get the Ontario G2 license. Once you have two years of experience, you will be eligible to take the road test to take the road test that will allow you to obtain the G license, which gives you all the privileges of a driver.
In all cases, you must have an eye test and acceptable proof of the status of your driver's license and driving experience.

Process for holders of driving licenses from countries that have not concluded an agreement

If you hold a driver's license from a country other than Canada and the countries listed above, you must:

  • present a valid driver's license from abroad in your country, accompanied by a written translation by a translator, if your license is written in a language other than French or English;
  • Report your driving experience on the Ontario driver's license application form
  • Pass an eye exam and a written theory exam on the Ontario Traffic Rules and pay all applicable fees;

You will get a G1 class driving license if you meet all of the above requirements.
And, if, at the time of applying, you have reported a driving experience of 12 to less than 24 months in the last 3 years,

  • You will be allowed to take the G1 Class Exam directly to obtain the G2 license, without having to wait 12 months, as required by new drivers.

If you have reported an experience of 24 months or more in the last 3 years,

  • You must present a written certificate of foreign driving experience to qualify for credit for a driving experience longer than 12 months. This written evidence must come from the licensing organization (eg, the Ministry of Transportation of your country) or the embassy, ??consulate or high commissioner that represents that country. The certificate must be on official letterhead and written in English or French.

If you submit this written evidence, you will be allowed, without having to wait, to present the Class G2 Practical Exam to obtain the G License with all privileges.
Note that the written attestation must include the following information:

  • the first date of issue of the permit;
  • expiration date;
  • the category of license;
  • an indication that the license was valid during the time period for the exchange and driving experience.

The review process of your experience exchange request may be delayed if you do not provide this information.